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If you are looking for Sash Cord Replacement London, Sash Window Repair London or Sash Cord Repair London we can help.

If your Sash window keeps falling shut its probably because you need a sash cord replacement. To carry out the sash window repair we must take out the windows to get to the weights. When we have the windows out we will check the other cord to see if its got signs of wear. If so we can advise you to change that cord at the same time as it will be cheaper for you in the long run. We have fixed prices for the changing of sash cords this includes the sash cord.

To replace one inside window sash cord £65+VAT
To replace one outside window sash cord £75+VAT
To replace both inside window sash cords £90+VAT
To replace both outside window sash cords £110+VAT
To replace all four window sash cords £140+VAT

Estimate: fixed price

Our Rates, Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

General Handyman
30 mins £40+VAT
1 Hour £60+VAT
Every subsequent 30 mins £20+VAT
Half day rate £180+VAT
Full day rate £300+VAT
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