Fixing a Dripping Tap

A dripping or leaking tap usually means that the washer needs renewing or in some cases the valve seating is worn and needs repairing.
If you have a ceramic disc taps and they are dripping the washer could just need replacing or if one of the ceramic discs is scratched the whole cartridge would need replacing.
In the first case, we would expect our handyman to complete the the job in 10-15 minutes. All our handymen carry a wide range of washers.
In the second case, if it's just the washer again that would be around 10 minutes. If the cartridge need to be replaced our handyman would need to go out to purchase or order a new one. In that case we are unable to give a time.

Estimate: 15-30 Minutes

Our Rates, Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

General Handyman
30 mins £40+VAT
1 Hour £60+VAT
Every subsequent 30 mins £20+VAT
Half day rate £180+VAT
Full day rate £300+VAT
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