Contact The London Handyman Team

Do you need something in your home or office fixing?
Dont have tools to do it yourself?
Need it done fast?
Simply fill out our contact form and briefly explain what your problem is, we will be in touch to arrange for one of our skilled handymen to assist you at your home or office, at your convenience. Whatever your requirements our Handyman Service can help.

Residential customers

We offer a fixed time slot so you don’t need to wait at home all day.
All our handymen come on motorcycles so there is no problem with parking, traffic or the congestion charge.
All our handymen carry a set of tools, a 5ft step ladder and many fixings. We will try to ascertain what parts are required from you before coming to your property. If this is not possible then we would come and take a quick look and pop out to the closest store to pick up what is required. This never takes too long as all our handymen are on motorcycles.

Offices and Commercial customers

We are fully insured against any liability and all our handymen are health and safety trained.
All our handymen are multi-skilled, polite, smartly dressed and discreet.


Let us know what needs doing and we will arrange directly with the tenant to carry out the work.
When the job is complete we will send you an invoice via email.

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