Removing a Radiator

You will need 2 spanners, radiator key, bowl/bucket and an old towel.
Make sure the heating has been off and the radiator is cold.
Turn both radiator valves off (Clockwise)
Place the towel and the bowl under one of the valves.
Using the spanners undo the valve where it joins to the radiator. Only undo the valve you have the bowl under.
Water should start coming out the radiator it should stop after 30 seconds or so.
Once the water has stopped use the radiator key to undo the bleeding valve. This will allow air into the radiator. This in turn allows the water to flow out. When your bowl or bucket if almost full close the bleeding valve and the water will stop.
Empty the bowl and continue until there is no water left.
Undo the other radiator valve and remove the radiator.
If you are putting the same radiator back on after painting or wall papering. Continue reading this section. If you are putting on a new radiator you need to go to the fitting a radiator section.
Put it back on the wall and tighten up both radiator valves.
Open one radiator valve turning anti clockwise.
Check for leaks.
Bleed the radiator till no more air comes out.
Open the second radiator valve.

Estimate: 1.5 hours

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