Re-Sealing a Bath, Shower or Basin

Make sure the area is completely dry.
You will need a box cutter, windows scraper, correct coloured silicon, mastic gun and masking tape.
Carefully cut away the old silicon with the box cutter and pull off as much as you can.
Use the windows scraper to carefully remove the rest of the silicon till you have removed all the old silicon.
Use the masking tape to line the edges of where you want to put the silicon.
If you are resealing a bath fill the bath half full with water. This is so the silicon won’t stretch too much and break next time you have a bath.
Using the mastic gun run a thin continuous bead of silicon between the 2 pieces of masking tape.
Now slightly wetting your thumb run it continually and gently along the silicon.
After 5-10 minutes carefully pull of the masking tape.
Now the masking tape is removed, slightly wetting your thumb again run it along the silicon till it has a nice uniform finish.
Leave the silicon to dry for at least 12 hours before getting it wet. If you’re resealing a bath this is now when you can let the water out.

Estimate: 2 hours

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