Fitting a Radiator

You will need 2 spanners, PTFE tape, radiator Allen key
We are assuming the new radiator is the same size and has the same brackets as the old one. If it’s not the same size do not continue as you need to drain the whole central heating system.
Once you have removed the old radiator. Have a look at our section removing a radiator.
Remove the parts of the radiator valves still in the old radiator using the Allen key. Remembering which side they each came from.
Take one of parts you just removed and wrap the PTFE tape around the thread. Wrapping the tape in the opposite direction as the thread.
Put that part into the new radiator in the same end you removed it from in the old radiator.
Repeat 5 and 6 with the second valve part.
Screw in the top valves and tighten with a spanner one is a blanking plate and the other is a bleeding valve. The both come with the radiator.
Put the radiator on the wall.
Tighten both valves on to the radiator.
Turn 1 valve on slightly and check for leaks.
Bleed the radiator.
Turn both valves on.

Estimate: 1.5 hours

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