Changing a Tap Washer

You'll need an adjustable spanner and a flathead and crosshead screwdriver.
Turn off the isolation valves to your taps there will be two valve one for hot and one for cold.
Remove the lid marked H or C by unscrewing it or gently popping it off with the screwdriver.
There is a screw inside. Unscrew it (anti clockwise)
Expose the cartridge
Use an adjustable spanner to undo it (anti clockwise) If the tap start to turn or there is too much lime scale get a cloth and a pair of grips and hold the tap in place whilst unscrewing the cartridge (the cloth is to put on the tap so you don't mark it)
Pull out the cartridge
Take the cartridge to your local plumbers merchant or DIY store. Show them the cartridge and ask for a new washer. There are 100s of different washers so this will make sure you get the correct one.
Unscrew or pop off the washer, pop the new one in.
Tighten it all up hand-tight, plus a quarter turn.

Estimate: 60 minutes

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