Assembling Flat-Packs

It does not really mater what company makes your flat pack they all take similar amounts of time to put together. Here is a guide to how long it takes one of our Handymen. Some times large flat packs require 2 handymen but if there are 2 handymen it will only take 1/2 time.

Single Wardrobe 45-90 mins
Double Wardrobe 90 mins-2.5 hrs
Triple Wardrobe 3-4 hrs
Bedside Cabinet 20-45 min
Bed 45-60 mins
Bunk Beds 90-120 mins
Three drawer unit 45-70 mins
Five drawer unit 60-90 mins
Book shelf 30-45 mins
Tv Stand 30-90 mins
Coffee or side table 10-30 mins
Chair 10-20 mins
Dining room table 30-60 mins


Our Rates, Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

General Handyman
30 mins £40+VAT
1 Hour £60+VAT
Every subsequent 30 mins £20+VAT
Half day rate £180+VAT
Full day rate £300+VAT
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